Case Study

I got to know Belinda after she commented on my post on LinkedIn. When I realised that she is a fellow countryman –from Manchester like me, I invited her to a business meeting where I needed to give a presentation. We were about to meet but Covid-19 started and we all know what that means! All meetings (and just about everything else in life...) were cancelled. We stayed connected on Linkedin, though, and I really got to know her.


Belinda is an Eco Innovation Advisor and one day she contacted me that she needs photos for her website. I love doing corporate headshots because I get to know so many new people. (Shh... don’t tell, that’s the ulterior motive behind my photography!)

It was lovely to finally meet Belinda in person, after communicating her via LinkedIn for so long.


My make-up artist came to the session in my studio; you can see here the before and after pictures. What I like about makeup is that it makes you look good, but not overflow with makeup - just nice and natural. Thumbs up to Leah, my very talented makeup artist!


We had a really good time even though we were both wearing masks. (I let Belinda take hers off for her pictures though...)


Belinda had done her colour check a few years ago and her clothing choices were matching her face tone really well.  It makes such a difference when a person knows his or her right colours – there is no comparison to the results of pictures taken with complementary clothing colours.


We took photos on a black and white background and then went outside to take some beautiful outdoor pictures.


You can see how cheerful Belinda looks – everyone who meets her is charmed by her pleasant personality, and I certainly was, even though I had known her virtually for quite some time.


Why don’t you show your potential clients how much you want to help them? Good portraiture makes all the difference. Give me a call to see how I can help you boost sales. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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