Case Study

Bethan came to me in the way I love the most; she was recommended by a previous happy client! Direct referrals are always best because the new client starts off with a positive attitude – she has already seen and admired her friend’s pictures and is confident that she will have the same.


As a successful business coach, Bethan helps individuals and companies reach greater financial heights. She posts on facebook and instagram regularly and needed good photos to brand herself.


Bethan met me early Friday morning in Manchester City Centre with a suitcase full of changes of clothing. I was very pleased with her choices; they were all clothes that really made her look good.


We started taking pictures early when it was still quiet but after five minutes it started to rain. I really didn’t know what to do as I had to protect my delicate equipment from water damage, but I was determined to make Bethan’s photo shoot work. We can’t control external factors like the weather, but there is always another way to make things work if we are creative and genuinely want to succeed.


We walked around a bit and came across a hotel which had a beautiful indoor restaurant. It was an amazing place and I thank G-d for the discovery – exactly when we needed it!


The restaurant was closed but the seating area was open, which meant we had the place to ourselves to experiment with different poses, clothes and hairstyles. After we had used the space we had to the maximum, we went outside. It was still raining so Bethan put on her coat and I stood under an awning and took some more pictures. We both really liked those pictures – the rain gives the pictures a gorgeous natural enhancer!


Bethan wrote such a lovely testimonial for me; Working with Tova was a great experience. She made me feel comfortable, it was fun and I didn't feel self conscious at all. The end result was great as well. I had a massive variety of photos to choose from and they will work well both on social media and my website. I definitely recommend Tova for your personal branding images!  Truthfully, the feeling was mutual. I enjoyed working with Bethan so much. She is such a lovely cheerful person, and I just love her dimples! We had a great time taking pictures, despite the rain.


Can I help you go beyond external challenges and gift yourself with a set of fabulous pictures for you to use as you need? Call me 07757695599

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